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Prophecy Book Excerpts
  The Ultimate Deception Book Introduction.
  Daniel's Visions: Ten Horns And The Antichrist.
  Why The Antichrist Will Originate In Lebanon.
  The Rise Of Antichrist: A Time Of Terror And Crisis.
  Why Antichrist Will Not Pretend To Be Messiah.
  Why We Will See Armageddon Before 2025 A.D..
  Why Gog In Ezekiel 38 Represents The Antichrist.
  Why There Will Be No Peace After The Rapture.
  The Antichrist Fallacies In Daniel 11:1-34.
  Why The City Of Babylon Must Be Rebuilt In Iraq.
  The Pre-Adamite Kingdom Of Satan.
  Why The City Of Tyre Must Be Rebuilt In Lebanon.
  II Thessalonians 2 And The Final Great Apostasy.
  Testing Before The Rapture; Why Christians Suffer.
  What Does The Seven-Headed Beast Symbolize?
  What Does Mystery Babylon Symbolize?
  Last Trump: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Escape.
  Why Revelation 4:1 Portrays The Pre-Trib Rapture.
  Why Revelation 11 Portrays The Second Coming.
  10½ Years Between Rapture And Second Coming.
  Why Revelation 12 Portrays The Pre-Trib Rapture.
  The Post-Rapture Bema Judgment Of Believers.
  Prophetic Parables And Misconceptions.
  The 7 Seals: The White Horseman Is Not Antichrist.
  The 144,000 Jews Will Not Evangelize The World.
  200 Million Angelic Horsemen Of The Sixth Plague.
  Who Will Be The Two Witnesses In Revelation 11?
  The 7-Headed Leopard Beast And His 666 Mark.
  Millennial Reign: Armageddon Survivors Judged.
  The Fate Of People Who Never Heard Of Jesus.
  Why The Earth Will Never Be Annihilated.
  Eternal Conditions For Earth And The Universe.
  How Should We Interpret Biblical Scriptures?
  Endtime Bible Prophecy Charts.
  Book Table Of Contents.
Miscellaneous Articles
  Why Antichrist Will Not Originate In Northern Iraq.
  E-mail: Who Are The "Elect" In Matthew 24:31?
  E-mail: Why Does God Still Allow Satan On Earth?
  When Moral Principles Conflict With Each Other.
  Biblical Divorce And Re-Marriage; Part 1.
  Biblical Divorce And Re-Marriage; Part 2.
  Biblical Divorce And Re-Marriage. (Print-Friendly)
  A Short Summary Of My Doctrinal Beliefs.
  Short Summary Of Reasons Disproving Evolution.
  Why I Am A Bible-Believing Christian.
  Why Liberals Should Not Impose Their Values.
  Why Liberals Are Wrong About Church-State Issues.
  Thou Shalt Not Steal Legally.
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About The Author
Bible prophecy   From 1974 and until he passed away in June of 2005, Frank Caw devoted a considerable amount of time to research and study in Bible prophecy and related philosophical and theological issues. This website is dedicated by his family to his memory and work and is as he presented it at the time of his death. The family of Frank Caw, Jr. would like to thank Tim McHyde of for hosting his website.
While always insisting on a plain, literal and sensible approach to scriptural exegesis, he has pieced together many new scriptural insights on a number of extraordinary prophetic developments that are poised to be fulfilled in our immediate future!
Thus, it is safe to say that things are not going to happen the way many people think they will happen.
But, this book will give you the scriptural keys for truly understanding what God has preordained will happen, and how you can survive the incredible scenario of prophetic events about to unfold!
Ministry Dedication
This ministry is dedicated to the loving memory of my late wife, Debbie, who went to be in the presence of God on October 23, 1997, and who was so instrumental in helping me to prepare for my ministry during those many long, difficult years.
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Why Does Satan Still Remain
On The Earth?


Why Jesus Won’t Come Back in 2011 (Or Anytime Soon)

An Ipsos poll in 2006 found that 25% of adults believed it was at least "somewhat likely" that "Jesus Christ will return to Earth" in the coming year. Among white evangelical Christian adults, a whopping 46% believed this. Yet four years later Jesus still has not returned. Want to know why Jesus did not come in 2007, or any year since then and still won't come in 2011 (or anytime soon)? »» Read Featured Article

Question:   If God is love and knows all things, why did He put Satan on this earth? He knew what would happen if He did, yet He did it anyway. If God really loved mankind, then He never would have put Satan on the earth.
Answer:   God originally created Satan and his angels as perfect living beings who also possessed a free will. At that time, Satan was appointed the chief ruler of planet earth, and his intelligence and power and beauty and importance were unrivaled by any created being; he was the premier angel throughout the universe.   (See the article excerpted from my book, entitled,
The Pre-Adamite Kingdom Of Satan.)
Unfortunately, pride eventually overcame Satan (Lucifer) which prompted him to rebel against God, and then to extend that rebellion by inciting one-third of the angels and the humanoids that lived on the earth to rebel with him. At that point, God was forced to defeat Satan and to destroy his earthly kingdom.
But later, at some point in time, Adam and Eve were created as perfect human beings to begin the repopulation of the earth which God had just restored to liveable conditions. However, as free moral agents, they had to be tested by God to see if they would obey His moral commandments. When they failed their test through sin and disobedience, dominion over the earth passed back to its original leader, i.e., Satan.
So, to understand the continued existence of Satan on the earth, and the moral fall from grace that Adam and Eve experienced, we must understand the inseparable connection between freedom and love. Because even though God places a very high value on Love, the only way that living beings can truly love and communicate with God is if they are created with a free will, i.e., the innate ability to choose and decide for themselves.
Obviously living beings who are "programmed" as "biological robots" to think and feel in a pre-determined manner can not really love; they can only act and respond as they are programmed to act and respond. To truly love, one must truly be free to love or not to love. It always must be a matter of free personal choice. That is one of the reasons why Christians should never try to force or coerce anyone into becoming a believer in Christ Jesus.
However, despite the fact that God also values individual freedom to an extraordinary degree, there still must be certain moral parameters or boundary lines to restrain evil actions that ultimately hurt others. But the very imposition of those moral boundary lines then leaves God open to accusations that He is arbitrarily imposing His Will on everyone else throughout the universe.
Accordingly, it was God's decision to demonstrate and prove to all living beings throughout all of eternity that His moral character should be the moral guideline for everyone's behavior.
That is why God has allowed the continued existence of Satan and his evil angels, and why He gave people the ability to choose for themselves, starting with Adam and Eve when they were given one simple test. Because after several thousand years of human history, people have demonstrated repeatedly — over and over again — that left to their own devices, autonomous and unrestrained in their choices and actions, they will inflict tremendous hurt and pain on each other.
Furthermore, this lesson has been demonstrated to all of the universe and eternity, in a very vivid and convincing manner, within the context of a wide variety of personal, social, economic and political circumstances.
Accordingly, all reasonable doubt concerning this matter has been erased for all future generations of people who will inhabit God's eternally expanding Kingdom of planets. Thus, God's moral Character, reflected in His moral commandments, justifiably must serve as the moral guideline for all living beings forever.
Moreover, since the personal, infinite, triune God knew beforehand that finite people would choose to disobey His moral commandments, He ordained before the creation of human life that God the Son would take human form to serve as a willing substitute Who would bear the wrath of requisite Divine Justice. Hence the means to Divine Mercy for any person willing to accept God's free offer of eternal salvation through Christ Jesus.
On that basis, man has tremendous value and worth because we are made in God's image and likeness, and because God loved us so much that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. (Gen. 1:27, 31; 9:6) (James 3:9) (Ps. 8:3-8) (Matt. 6:26; 22:39) (I Cor. 6:20)
(I Peter 1:18, 19) (John 3:16) (Eph. 5:30, 31) (Ps. 139:14).

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The Ultimate Deception
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