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Why Jesus Won’t Come Back in 2011 (Or Anytime Soon)

An Ipsos poll in 2006 found that 25% of adults believed it was at least "somewhat likely" that "Jesus Christ will return to Earth" in the coming year. Among white evangelical Christian adults, a whopping 46% believed this. Yet four years later Jesus still has not returned. Want to know why Jesus did not come in 2007, or any year since then and still won't come in 2011 (or anytime soon)? »» Read Featured Article

Time Zones For Prophetic Events
The Rise Of Antichrist
(1) Conflict Between Israel And The Palestinians
(2) Incredible Rise Of “Little Horn” Antichrist In Lebanon
(3) Little Horn Waxes Exceeding Great Toward The South And East
(4) Antichrist Conquers Israel; Gives Jerusalem To Palestinians
(5) Antichrist “Destroys Wonderfully” While Creating A New Empire
(6) Israel Turns To God; Enters The Bond Of Their Covenant
(7) Israel Recaptures The Land Of Israel; Subdues The Palestinians

World Peace And Prosperity
(1) Antichrist Creates And Inspires World Peace And Prosperity
(2) The Ancient Cities Of Babylon And Tyre Are Rebuilt
(3) Babylon And Tyre Become Wealthy Centers Of World Commerce
(4) Israel Rebuilds The Temple In Jerusalem; Lives Without Fear
(5) The “Ten-Horn” Countries Give Their Power To Antichrist

Final Great Apostasy And Deception
(1) Antichrist Destroys, Spiritually, Through Peace And Prosperity
(2) Tremendous Religious Deception Sparks Final Great Apostasy
(3) “As In The Days Of Noah” Complacency And Cares Of Life
(4) People Scoff At The Promise Of Christ’s Coming
(5) Mystery Babylon Flies To Babylon To Build New Headquarters
(6) Power And Influence Of Antichrist Spreads Irresistibly

— The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Occurs —

The Great Christian Tribulation
(1) Rapture Of “Manchild Christians” Sparks War In Heaven
(2) Satan And His Angels Cast Down To Earth
(3) The Holy Spirit Is Taken “Out Of The Way” Of Evil
(4) Bema Judgment Of Christ For Works Of Raptured Christians
(5) Antichrist Is “Wounded To Death”
(6) Satan Possesses And Incarnates The Body Of Antichrist
(7) The True Nature Of Antichrist Is Revealed To The World
(8) The World Worships Both Satan And Antichrist
(9) The White Horseman Preaches The Gospel To The World
(10) Antichrist Initiates The Great Tribulation For 3½ Years
(11) Mark Of The Beast Is Instituted; New Christians Are Killed
(12) Three Remaining Horsemen Create War, Famine, Death
(13) The Sixth Seal Is Opened; The Great Tribulation Ends
(14) Surviving Tribulation Saints And 144,000 Jews Are Sealed
(15) Martyred Tribulation Saints Are Resurrected To Heaven

Daniel’s Seventieth Week
(1) The Great Day Of The Lord Begins, Lasting For Seven Years
(2) Daniel’s 70th Week Begins, Lasting For Seven Years
(3) Temple Of God In Heaven Is Open During Seventh Seal
(4) The Seventh Seal Is Opened
(5) Six Catastrophic Trumpet-Vial Plagues Are Unleashed
(6) Halfway Through Daniel’s 70th Week, Antichrist Invades Israel
(7) Rebuilt Temple Desecrated; Tribulation, Captivity For Israel
(8) Two Witnesses Emerge To Hinder Activities Of Antichrist
(9) Three Unclean Spirits Entice Nations To Plunder Israel
(10) The Two Witnesses Are Killed And Resurrected
(11) Seventh Trumpet-Vial Plague Is Unleashed
(12) Surviving Tribulation Saints (“Elect”) Are Translated

— Christ Returns To Fight At Armageddon —

The Millennium
(1) Sheep And Goats Judgment; Human Survivors Judged
(2) Millennial Reign Of Christ On Earth Begins
(3) Saints Will Rule With Christ Over People On Earth
(4) Earth Is Transformed Into Paradise Conditions
(5) Incredible Peace And Joy And Prosperity; Longevity
(6) Israel Becomes A Nation Of Gospel Preachers To The World

Eternal Bliss And Kingdom Growth
(1) After 1000 Years, Satan Is Set Loose To Test Humanity
(2) Satan Is Thrown Into Lake Of Fire
(3) The Great White Throne Judgment Of The Dead Begins
(4) Humanity Will Populate Planets Of The Universe Forever
(5) Saints Will Be Kings And Priests With Christ Over Humanity
(6) The Earth Will Never Be Annihilated; Eternal Bliss And Joy

Harmony Of Daniel's Visions
Events Chapter 2 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
BABYLONHead Of GoldLion 
PERSIATwo Arms Of SilverTwo Sides Of BearTwo Horns Of Ram
GREECETrunk Of BrassLeopard; Four HeadsGoat; Four Horns
ROMEIron LegsBeast 
RISE   OF ANTICHRIST  Little Horn; Three Horns Subdued; Speaks Great ThingsLittle Horn; Destroys Wonderfully; Peace And Prosperity
RAPTURE Saints Before God's Throne In Heaven (Dan. 7:9-10) (Rev. 4-5)Stars (Satan's Angels) Cast To The Earth (Dan. 8:10) (Rev. 12)
TRIBULATION AND   CHAOS Tribulation Saints;
Anti-Christ Continues To Speak Great Things
Destroy Holy People; Rebuilt Temple Desecrated
KINGDOM   OF GODStone "Cut Out Without Hands" Becomes MountainSaints Possess KingdomAnti-Christ Destroyed "Without Hand"

Harmony Of Parallel Accounts
In The Book Of Revelation
Chapters 4-11 parallel Chapters 12-16
Saints In Heaven4:4-11
Satan Opposes Rapture  12:3-4
War In Heaven 12:7-8
Satan Cast To Earth  12:9-12
Four Horsemen/Gospel Preached6:1-8 14:6-20
Persecution Of Saints (Christians)  12:13-17
Tribulation Saints Awaiting Resurrection6:9-11  
After Sixth Seal, Day Of Lord Begins6:12-17  
144,000 Jews On Earth 7:1-814:1-5
Tribulation Saints Resurrected7:9-17 15:1-8
1st Trumpet-Vial (Earth)8:716:1-2
2nd Trumpet-Vial (Sea)8:8-916:3
3rd Trumpet-Vial (Rivers)8:10-11 16:4-7
4th Trumpet-Vial (Sun)8:12-13 16:8-9
5th Trumpet-Vial (Seat of Beast)9:1-12 16:10-11
6th Trumpet-Vial (Euphrates)9:13-21 16:12
Christ Takes Legal Possession10:1-11  
Satan Musters Armies  16:13-16
Desecration of Rebuilt Temple11:1-2  
Two Witnesses11:1-316:15
7th Trumpet-Vial (Second Coming)11:15-19 16:16-21

Harmony Of Olivet Discourse
With Other Scriptures
SubjectMatt 24Mark 13Luke 21RevelationOther Scriptures
False Messiahs4-55-68  
Wars and
I Thess. 4:16-17
828, 3612:12Dan. 12:1
Peace Taken78106:4 
Pestilences78116:8Amos 5:16-20
Dan. 7:25
Gospel Preached1410 6:1-2
Hab. 3:8-13
Only Some Trib. Saints Killed  12-16  
Dispensation Of Grace Ended13-1413196:12-17 
Jewish Persecution15-2714-2320-2411:1-2
Jer. 30:7
Zech. 14:2
Dan. 9:24-27
II Thess. 2:3,4
Raptured Saints In Heaven28  5:1-14Dan. 7:9,10
Ps. 149:5-9
Luke 17:22-37
Return Of Christ29-3124-2725-2719:11-16Zech. 14:4,5
Raptured Saints Return With Christ3127 19:14Jude 14
Zech. 14:5
Trib. Saints Not Killed By Antichrist Are Translated3127   

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