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Prophecy Book Excerpts
  The Ultimate Deception Book Introduction.
  Daniel's Visions: Ten Horns And The Antichrist.
  Why The Antichrist Will Originate In Lebanon.
  The Rise Of Antichrist: A Time Of Terror And Crisis.
  Why Antichrist Will Not Pretend To Be Messiah.
  Why We Will See Armageddon Before 2025 A.D..
  Why Gog In Ezekiel 38 Represents The Antichrist.
  Why There Will Be No Peace After The Rapture.
  The Antichrist Fallacies In Daniel 11:1-34.
  Why The City Of Babylon Must Be Rebuilt In Iraq.
  The Pre-Adamite Kingdom Of Satan.
  Why The City Of Tyre Must Be Rebuilt In Lebanon.
  II Thessalonians 2 And The Final Great Apostasy.
  Testing Before The Rapture; Why Christians Suffer.
  What Does The Seven-Headed Beast Symbolize?
  What Does Mystery Babylon Symbolize?
  Last Trump: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Escape.
  Why Revelation 4:1 Portrays The Pre-Trib Rapture.
  Why Revelation 11 Portrays The Second Coming.
  10½ Years Between Rapture And Second Coming.
  Why Revelation 12 Portrays The Pre-Trib Rapture.
  The Post-Rapture Bema Judgment Of Believers.
  Prophetic Parables And Misconceptions.
  The 7 Seals: The White Horseman Is Not Antichrist.
  The 144,000 Jews Will Not Evangelize The World.
  200 Million Angelic Horsemen Of The Sixth Plague.
  Who Will Be The Two Witnesses In Revelation 11?
  The 7-Headed Leopard Beast And His 666 Mark.
  Millennial Reign: Armageddon Survivors Judged.
  The Fate Of People Who Never Heard Of Jesus.
  Why The Earth Will Never Be Annihilated.
  Eternal Conditions For Earth And The Universe.
  How Should We Interpret Biblical Scriptures?
  Endtime Bible Prophecy Charts.
  Book Table Of Contents.
Miscellaneous Articles
  Why Antichrist Will Not Originate In Northern Iraq.
  E-mail: Who Are The "Elect" In Matthew 24:31?
  E-mail: Why Does God Still Allow Satan On Earth?
  When Moral Principles Conflict With Each Other.
  Biblical Divorce And Re-Marriage; Part 1.
  Biblical Divorce And Re-Marriage; Part 2.
  Biblical Divorce And Re-Marriage. (Print-Friendly)
  A Short Summary Of My Doctrinal Beliefs.
  Short Summary Of Reasons Disproving Evolution.
  Why I Am A Bible-Believing Christian.
  Why Liberals Should Not Impose Their Values.
  Why Liberals Are Wrong About Church-State Issues.
  Thou Shalt Not Steal Legally.
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About The Author
Bible prophecy   From 1974 and until he passed away in June of 2005, Frank Caw devoted a considerable amount of time to research and study in Bible prophecy and related philosophical and theological issues. This website is dedicated by his family to his memory and work and is as he presented it at the time of his death. The family of Frank Caw, Jr. would like to thank Tim McHyde of for hosting his website.
While always insisting on a plain, literal and sensible approach to scriptural exegesis, he has pieced together many new scriptural insights on a number of extraordinary prophetic developments that are poised to be fulfilled in our immediate future!
Thus, it is safe to say that things are not going to happen the way many people think they will happen.
But, this book will give you the scriptural keys for truly understanding what God has preordained will happen, and how you can survive the incredible scenario of prophetic events about to unfold!
Ministry Dedication
This ministry is dedicated to the loving memory of my late wife, Debbie, who went to be in the presence of God on October 23, 1997, and who was so instrumental in helping me to prepare for my ministry during those many long, difficult years.
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Will Violence & Civil War After The Iraqi Elections Trigger The Rise Of Antichrist?
•   Discover Why The Bible Predicts That The Antichrist Will
    Originate From A Tiny, New Country In Lebanon!

•   Will Syria Step Up Its Assistance To The Iraqi Insurgents?
•   Will The Numerically-Dominant Shiites In Iraq Really
    Create A Moderate, Secular, Limited Democracy?

•   If Israel Gives Up The West Bank, Gaza To The Palestinians,
    Will Jerusalem Become The Center Of Controversy?


Why Jesus Won’t Come Back in 2011 (Or Anytime Soon)

An Ipsos poll in 2006 found that 25% of adults believed it was at least "somewhat likely" that "Jesus Christ will return to Earth" in the coming year. Among white evangelical Christian adults, a whopping 46% believed this. Yet four years later Jesus still has not returned. Want to know why Jesus did not come in 2007, or any year since then and still won't come in 2011 (or anytime soon)? »» Read Featured Article

Extraordinary prophetic events are destined to explode soon throughout the Middle East area!
Because the Bible predicts that the Antichrist will "stand up" suddenly in response to crisis conditions and declare a tiny, new country into existence within modern-day Lebanon.
Then the Bible predicts that he will immediately conquer numerous countries, including Israel, which lie south or east of his country of origin.
The Bible also predicts that he will accomplish these amazing conquests by "destroying wonderfully" as he subdues his enemies — with lightning speed — through the use of supernatural occult power from Satan!
Here is one of the relevant scriptural passages which support my summation of these biblical prophecies...
Daniel 8:9
9 And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land. (KJV)
In my book, I set forth the scriptural proof-arguments as to why the "little horn" in the above passage represents both a man (i.e., the Antichrist) and the tiny, new country from which he will originate.   The primary argument, of course, is the fact that personal attributes are ascribed to the little horn, thereby mandating a personal identity for the horn.
Likewise, the "little horn" is a political power for the same reason that the "ten horns" in Daniel 7:7-8 represent political powers; "horns" in the Bible often symbolize political kingdoms.
Furthermore, several brief scriptural arguments also are presented in my book which explain why we should give the above passage an endtime fulfillment.
Accordingly, a proper rendering of the scriptural passage above, i.e., Daniel 8:9, draws several startling facts to our attention:
1. Daniel 8:9 proves that the Antichrist will originate from a very small country because the Bible portrays it as a "little" horn.
2. Daniel 8:9 proves the Antichrist will appear at the same time that his country of origin springs into existence because the "little horn" represents both a man and a country.
3. Daniel 8:9 states that the Antichrist will originate somewhere within the geographical area that once comprised the ancient Grecian Empire because the "little horn" will spring forth from one of the four divisions of the ancient Grecian Empire which emerged after Alexander the Great died.
On the other hand, there are biblical scriptures which also prove that the Antichrist will originate from somewhere within the geographical area of the old Roman Empire (and not just somewhere within western Europe as many believe).
Thus, the scriptural evidence proves that the Antichrist will originate from somewhere within the geographical area of both the old Roman and Grecian empires.
This scriptural truth automatically eliminates the possibility that the Antichrist will originate from one of the countries in western Europe.
As additional proof, other scriptural passages actually narrow the country of origin for the Antichrist down to an area within modern-day Lebanon.
4. Daniel 8:9 proves that the Antichrist will "wax exceeding great" when he first appears.
Many other scriptures, including subsequent verses in this same chapter of Daniel, clarify this phrase to mean that the Antichrist will conquer and destroy his enemies with lightning speed through the use of satanic "dark sentences" and satanic power.
Thus, the Antichrist will NOT start out as a "man of peace" as many people suppose.   Instead, he will conquer numerous countries when he first appears upon the world scene; Daniel 8:9 makes that point very clear.
In fact, it makes a lot of sense that the "little-horn Antichrist" will begin to conquer countries immediately after he first appears because obviously he will have to subdue the enemies of peace before he will be able to establish world peace and prosperity.
5. Daniel 8:9 proves that the Antichrist will conquer countries which are located south or east of Lebanon, i.e., his country of origin.
Likewise, the Bible also predicts in Daniel 7:7-8 that during the initial rise of the Antichrist, he will conquer three horns, i.e., countries which are located somewhere within the geographical area of the old Roman Empire.
Since Daniel 8:9 indicates that the Antichrist will only conquer countries and armies which are located south or east of Lebanon, that means the "three horn countries" which will be conquered by the Antichrist during his initial rise to power most likely will be Israel, Syria and Iraq.
Furthermore, the Bible also predicts that the Antichrist will assimilate the countries of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and possibly even Russia into his new Middle Eastern empire during this period of time!
That is why the Bible specifically predicts that the Antichrist will become the "king" (i.e., the political leader) of Iraq!   Obviously geopolitical circumstances in Iraq are going to evolve in such a way that the military power and the political/religious leadership of the Antichrist will be needed.
Thus, the Antichrist will NOT come to power by being appointed leader of the European Union.   Instead, the Antichrist will first forge a new Middle Eastern empire into existence through military conquest, then the modern-day countries within the geographical territory of the old Roman Empire, i.e., the newly-expanded European Union, will voluntarily "give their power and strength" to him.
6. Daniel 8:9 proves that one of the first things the Antichrist will do during his initial rise to power will be to invade and conquer "the pleasant land," i.e., Israel.
So, not only will the Antichrist invade Israel during the middle of Daniel's 70th Week, years AFTER the pre-trib Rapture has occurred, but he will also invade Israel many years BEFORE the Rapture when he first rises to power.
Moreover, other biblical scriptures confirm this prediction in Daniel 8:9.
Accordingly, the first time he invades Israel, during his initial rise to power, he will give Jerusalem to the Palestinians during their controversy and conflict with Israel over the fate of Jerusalem.
At that time, the Bible predicts that many incredible prophecies involving Israel will be fulfilled in a very dramatic and miraculous manner!   (See chapter 2 in my book.)
And during this crisis, the Bible also predicts that the United States will help Israel regain their land after the Antichrist has given it to the Palestinians during his initial rise to power BEFORE the pre-trib Rapture occurs.
That is one of the reasons why the Bible predicts the Antichrist will NEVER pretend to be the Messiah to the Jews as some people suppose.
Although God has said that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, the Antichrist will conquer Israel and try to give it to the Palestinians instead!
Therefore, we should watch for Jerusalem to gain the center-stage of attention again in the controversy between Israel and the Palestinians.
Thus, all of these developments explain why the Bible predicts that the military conquests of the Antichrist, during his initial rise to power, will be so spectacular and astounding that people will believe him when he proclaims himself to be a god above all other gods!
Furthermore, after the Antichrist has achieved his amazing campaign of military conquests, the Bible predicts that he will deceive and destroy people (spiritually) through peace and prosperity (Dan. 8:25) BEFORE the pre-tribulation Rapture takes place!
In other words, the Antichrist generally will accomplish in very dramatic fashion what U.S. President George Bush had hoped to do, i.e., demolish the terrorist-supporting regimes and terrorist strongholds in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere, and then bring peace and security to the region.
We know for a certainty that the Antichrist will establish world peace and prosperity BEFORE the pre-trib Rapture occurs because several different biblical scriptures predict that the Rapture will usher in a period of death and destruction and tribulation that will not end until after the Battle of Armageddon is over.
Thus, the Antichrist will appear as a man endowed with satanic supernatural power BEFORE the pre-trib Rapture takes place even though he will not be possessed and indwelt by Satan and "revealed" as Satan incarnate until immediately AFTER the Rapture.
As further corroboration, the Bible also predicts in several other different scriptures that the empire of the Antichrist will be in existence BEFORE the pre-trib Rapture occurs!
So, for all of these scriptural reasons, prophetic events will not happen the way many Christians anticipate because a complete understanding of Bible prophecy was hidden from view until "the time of the end":
“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end.... for at the time of the end shall be the vision.... for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.”   — Daniel 8:17-19, 26; 12:4, 9.
In fact, there are many startling Bible prophecies that will be fulfilled before the Rapture occurs, and God is revealing their meaning as the time for their fulfillment approaches quite rapidly.
When Will These Bible Prophecies
Begin To Take Place?
There are a number of geopolitical developments in the Middle East area pointing to the imminent fulfillment of the biblical prophecies summarized above.   For instance...
•   Syria triggered a political crisis in Lebanon several weeks ago when it strong-armed the Lebanese government into accepting an extended, unconstitutional term for its president despite widespread Lebanese and international opposition.
•   As a consequence, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, the man who most likely will become the Antichrist, has resigned from the "puppet" government in Beirut, and on several occasions has vowed his relentless opposition and defiance towards Syrian interference in Lebanese affairs.
•   The U.N. Security Council has been demanding that the Lebanese government disarm the Hizbullah militia in southern Lebanon as quickly as possible, and for Syria to withdraw its military forces from Lebanon immediately.   However, both countries continue to remain defiant.
•   There is growing concern in Israel over the significant military threat posed by Hizbullah in southern Lebanon, and the need for Israel to take decisive military action very soon to eliminate that threat.
•   If a war breaks out in southern Lebanon between Israel and the Syrian-Iranian-Hizbullah terrorist alliance, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt could be forced into military action because his Druze homeland would be near, if not in, the center of conflict.
•   Sentiment worldwide is escalating rapidly for Israel to find a way to achieve peace with the Palestinians in the aftermath of Arafat's death.
•   Newly-elected Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has added his voice to the growing international demand that Israel must give up part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians, something that Israel probably will never do.
•   Moreover, one of the major problems facing the Palestinian leadership is coping with the legacy of hatred for Jews that Arafat engendered in most Palestinians through years of vicious propaganda in the news media and the schools.
•   The United States has sold 500 "bunker busting" bombs to Israel which are capable of destroying Iran's underground nuclear stores and laboratories.
•   Leading "think tank" institutions predict that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear weapon facilities during 2005.
•   Iran has just made it perfectly clear that they intend to develop nuclear weapons no matter how much the rest of the world objects.
•   Iran recently added a new "strategic missile'' to its military arsenal which is capable of reaching Israel and U.S. forces stationed in the Middle East.
•   Israel continues to insist that it will consider "all options" to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons.
•   The U.S. State Department calls Iran the world's "most active state sponsor of terrorism" because it continues to provide funding, weapons, training, and sanctuary to numerous terrorist groups based in the Middle East and elsewhere.
•   Syria likewise provides a tremendous amount of assistance to regional terrorist groups, including the terrorists and insurgents fighting in Iraq.
•   It has been reported that the Syrian government and Saddam Hussein's half-brother are directing and aiding the insurgency in Iraq from the safety of Syria.
•   Violence and terrorism continue to explode throughout Iraq on a frequent and deadly basis.
•   The first round of elections in Iraq were highly successful due, in large part, to careful planning and very tight security measures that were implemented throughout the country.
But those elections only represent the first step in a complex political process that is intended eventually to establish a moderate, secular, democratic government which will protect individual freedoms and the rights of minorities.
So, it will be interesting to see if the numerically-dominant Shiite Muslims ultimately follow through on their promises to create such a state.
It is one thing for them to be highly cooperative with the United States while we are, in essence, setting the stage for them to take over the country, but an entirely different matter once they firmly gain control over everything and everyone.
They may not be as moderate and secular in their governance as we would like them to be; only time will tell.
But, if they are not, then don't be surprised if the Sunni Muslims and/or the semi-autonomous Kurds rebel against the autocratic, religious dictates of the Shiite majority, thereby triggering an all-out civil war in Iraq.
That could be the reason why the Bible predicts that the Antichrist will end up being the "king" or the top political leader of Iraq; his leadership and military power will be needed to establish peace and security throughout Iraq.
Or alternatively, the Kurds and/or the Sunni Muslims could vote down any proposed constitution in the national referendum that is scheduled for later this year, so the political process, theoretically, would have to start all over again.
If that scenario should play out, then once again, the leadership and authority of the Antichrist might be needed to break the political stalemate and bring peace and security and stability to the country.
On the other hand, the leaders of Syria and Iran may become increasingly nervous over the surging popularity of freedom and democracy in Iraq, fearing that such sentiments may spill over into their own countries.
So, they may increase their support and assistance for the insurgents and the terrorists in Iraq, hoping that continued violence and instability will prevent Iraq from fulfilling its dreams of peace and security and major reconstruction of the country.
If this turns out to be the scenario that develops in Iraq, it could be the reason why the Bible predicts that the Antichrist will conquer Syria, Iraq, and Iran during his initial rise to power.
Because the Antichrist will be the ultimate opportunist, and you can be certain that he will not hesitate to capitalize on the surging popularity of freedom and democracy throughout the Arab-Muslim world — especially in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and the Palestinian homeland.
Thus, the widening rift between Druze leader Walid Jumblatt and the Lebanese and Syrian governments may prompt him to declare political independence for a new Druze country within Lebanon, i.e., declare Daniel's "little horn" country into existence, in response to crisis conditions in Israel and Iraq and elsewhere.
Regardless of the exact scenario that unfolds in the weeks or months ahead, however, the Bible is quite clear on what will happen next after world and regional events in the Middle East reach a major crisis point!
Accordingly, if you are interested in a sensible, comprehensive survey of Bible prophecy which includes many prophetic truths that God has just begun to reveal through His Written Word, then you will want to read my new book, The Ultimate Deception.
See How Antichrist Will Perpetrate The
Final Great Deception And Apostasy!
Book: The Ultimate Deception
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God Is Lifting The Veil On Understanding....
    — The Antichrist —

•   His country of origin
•   His rise to power
•   His hatred of Israel
•   His military conquests
•   His supernatural miracles
•   His peace and prosperity
•   His claim to godhood
•   His incredible deception
•   His pre-Rapture empire
•   His post-Rapture revelation
•   His war on new believers
•   His demise at Armageddon
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Barbara Alford, Reno, Nevada
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•   "Your excellent work... can't stop reading it... you've done a great thing by laying out a road map."
Scott M. Brown, New London, New Hampshire
•   "Your book is an eye-opening study on what is in store for us..."   — Betsy Morgan, Georgia
•   "Your book... so far, very good! I find your prophetic interpretations very thought provoking, and a fresh look at some old assumptions that have been around for quite a while."   — Bill Dittrich, New York, New York
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